Board of Directors

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Dr. Anna Kohen, D.D.S., is AAWO’s current president. She was born in Vlora, Albania after World War II. She left Albania in 1966 with her seven family members and went to Greece. Dr.Kohen completed her dentistry studies in Greece at the Ethnikon and Kapodistriakon University of Athens, Dental School in 1970. After completing her education she moved to the United States where she continued her studies at New York University’s Dental School and received a DDS Dental Degree in 1976. After graduation she was appointed as  an Assistant Clinical Professor of Restorative Dentistry at NYU Dental School and taught there for ten years. She has been practicing general dentistry since that time..

In 1990, with the help of several Jewish organizations, she brought 37 of her Jewish-Albanian relatives (a total of ten families) to the U.S., and assisted them in the process of integration. In 1991, she was invited to Albania to celebrate the formation of the Albanian-Israeli Society where she has been elected an Honorary Member. In Year 2004,"The President of the Albanian Republic, Alfred Moisiu recognized Dr. Anna Kohen ,during a meeting at the Presidency with the medal "For Special Civil Merits" under the motivation "For valuable contribution helping the Albanians during the Kosovar humanitarian crisis; for precious aid given to the new Albanian emigrants in the United States of America." 

In July 2006, Dr. Kohen was honored by the Major of Vlora with the title “Honored Citizen of Vlora.”  During this visit Dr. Kohen worked diligently with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address issues surrounding Albanian Jewry.  She had the pleasure of experiencing the fruits of her labor when she witnessed the Re naming of a popular street where the Jewish Community had lived to "The Jewish Street."

Dr. Kohen has realized over the years and especialy now in this economy, that she can help more people if she partners with other non for profit organizations, that have a similar vision.  For example, over the past two years, in partnership with the Fresh Air Fund, Dr. Kohen has managed to send numerous underprivileged children to summer camp.  She also recently started working with Allen Healthcare in order to provide free training clases in albanian language, for Albanian men and woman to become home attendants for the elderly. Therefore, the albanian elderly,will have now Albanian speaking aides. After  the need assesmnets where done,Dr kohen said that ,Domestic Violence and health care are the needs of our communitty. In October 2009, in partnership with the italian Cancer soceity , we provided  free mamographies to albanian women,with out insurance, at the Bronx house. More such events,will continue in year 2010, in other areas ,to accomodate them all.

Last year,in parnership,with the Gift of life, we assisted ,on bringing 2 children from Kosova,and they are both back home,enjoying life,and will grow to be man,
And ,last but not list, in partnership,with the Domenique Scalione childrens foundation in Tirana,we will continue to assist i bringing more kids,for surgeries that can not be done in Albania. For that also,we must thank our new partners ;The international childrends fundation and the Little baby face foundation. 

Dr. Kohen frequently visits the Albanian schools in the Bronx, teaching children how to take care of their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.  She has participated in countless community events and contributed moral, emotional and financial support to members of the Albanian community. She is consistently there for people in need, which is why for the past twelve years Albanian women have honored her by electing her as the President of AAWO “Motrat Qiriazi,” the most active organization in the Albanian community. Dr. Kohen is married to a Holocaust survivor from Poland and has two children.